The Band:
Over the last 17 years we have assembled a collective of Wisconsin's best folk Musicians. We love to get together in various combinations of trios or quartets. Some shows feature dancers from Milwaukee Irish Dance Company.  Paddygrass shows are spontaneous, special guests arrive and become part of the magic. No matter how many times you see us there is always something new to discover! Our music will move you to sing, dance, drink and forget all else.

Current Roster
Derek Byrne - Lead Vocals, Banjo, Percussion
Leah Redding - Fiddle
Dan Johnston - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Tweed - Tuba
Tom Anderson, Drums, Vocals
Tony O' Kircher - Mandolin, Vocals
Peter Carlson - Guitar, Vocals
Melissa Hartke - Viola, Vocals
Bernardo Cano - Harmonica, Drums
Tyler Furrer - Guitar
Caleb Fredricks - Bodhran
Julia Bustle - Baritone Sax
Rick Crouse - Bass, Vocals
Erico Ortiz - Drums, Guitar, vocals, art
Sara Kilpatrick - Flute and Saxophone
Amy Butler - Clarinet
Bruce Bush - French Horn
Brandon Hawke - Drums
Rory Modlinski - Banjo, Guitar, Bass and Mandolin
Steve Kendziora - Bass

My Story:
I left Ireland at the age of 21 and toured the world with Riverdance as a singer and musician for 6 years. I met my wife Carrie backstage in Milwaukee. After a 3 year  long distance love, we settled here and I've been a feature of the Irish Scene since 2001. I write songs inspired by the love of my wife and children and my love for Ireland.

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