Kickass Celtic Bluegrass

The Band:
Paddygrass plays kickass Celtic Bluegrass and Gospel. Over the last 10 years we have assembled a collective of Wisconsin's best Irish Musicians. We usually play as a trio or quartet, some shows feature dancers from Milwaukee Irish Dance Company 

No matter how many times you see us there is always something new to discover! Paddygrass will move you to sing, dance, drink and forget all else.

Current Roster
Derek Byrne - Lead Vocals, Banjo, Hand Percussion, Harmonica
Randy Foat - Drums
Randy Gosa - Guitar, Mandola
Rory Modlinski - Banjo, Guitar, Bass and Mandolin
Peter Carlson - Guitar and Vocals
Molly Noyes - Flute and Pipes
Sara Fritchen - Flute
Leah Redding - Fiddle
Olivia Langby - Fiddle

Members at large:
James Reilly - Flute
Karen Reilly - Fiddle, Vocals
Ethan King - Accordion and Bass
TJ Hull - Fiddle, Viola, Cello, Tin Whistle, Vocals 
Amanda Carretta Hull - Bodhran, Tin Whistle, Vocals
Heather Lewin - Fiddle and Vocals
Chris Chan - Bouzouki
Chara Fedke - Cajon, Djembe

Elyse Transon
Tanya Tachon
James Reese
Marina Ari Matson

My Solo Show:
If you want foot stomping traditional Irish drinking songs, Bluegrass standards and Gospel singalongs, I'm your man. In my solo show I play banjo, harmonica, bodhran, bones and various other drums. I loop live, creating a band on the spur of the moment. The crowd loves this, they see it happen "live" and it's different every time. I love to get the crowd to sing along.

My Story:
I left Ireland at the age of 21 and toured the world with Riverdance as a singer and musician for 6 years. I met my wife Carrie backstage in Milwaukee. After a 3 year  long distance love, we settled here and I've been a feature of the Irish Scene since 2001. I write songs inspired by the love of my wife and children and my love for Ireland.

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